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What is modern method of construction?

Modular Construction is the fabrication of ‘modules’ in a controlled environment to be transported ready-made to site and fixed together. On the other hand, Off-site construction is the fabrication of panels or building components that represent a substantial amount of pre-manufactured value (PMV).

These Modern Method of Construction are growing in popularity with the growing need for shorter construction periods and fill the skilled labor gap. Mainly due to the increased productivity & reduced time on site.

Modular construction fundamentally changes the construction process. Standard cost analyses no longer apply for modular projects and each system has different requirements and parameters for construction.

In depth knowledge of each system is required to provide the full and realistic cost of each system, make comparative cost analyses and the most suitable recommendation for each project.

We have extensive experience in the economics of off-site & modular construction. We have been involved with this area of the industry for over 10 years.

As we have in-depth knowledge of the modular sector from the manufacturer and contractor perspective, we have unique knowledge of what it takes to make modular work for clients.

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