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MMC QS offers specific and tailored cost management services for Developers to maximize  profitability and minimize risk using:

  • Feasibility Studies – At the outset of a project, we undertake a detailed feasibility analysis to set out all costs associated with a development, from land costs to construction costs, finance, administration, fees and charges and marketing costs to give a complete assessment of a project. This is compared with projected income to assess the total profit of a scheme.

  • Detailed Budgets – Following on from the feasibility study, we prepare detailed budgets as the design develops to ensure that costs are managed and controlled as the scheme design is being developed. The budgets are split into labour, material, plant and subcontract budgets as required by client for the next stage.

  • Tender Packages – Once the design is developed and the detailed budgets completed, we prepare tender packages for competitive tender. These are then compared to our detailed budget for cost management and subcontractors are signed up to standard subcontract agreements. 

Developer services are bespoke to each client, some require minimal involvement, others may require detailed involvement. We provide flexible services to accommodate developers individual needs.

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